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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Donnington 2012 - the last race

The previous race was Brands Hatch. The race was one of the wettest races I've ever been in. Its open cockpit and you expect to get a bit wet if it rains but it was like sitting in a bath. I couldn't see much. Nobody could. So I just circulated and finished. I can't say I enjoyed that one. But as Phil Liggett once said "You don't here the winner complaining". Precisely.

Donnington 2012 in June I thought might be my last race. I was thinking of doing the later Donnington race in September but that would be close to the date when Poppy was due.

I love Donnington and going out onto the circuit you always feel you are on a proper circuit. Then its down to business and practicing. I was very rusty and I remember Craner was flat but I was lifting a little on the last bit. I knew I shouldn't be doing that but its hard to sometimes keep you foot in. A few more laps and I would have got it. As a result I was 27th out of 35. I was looking forward to the races and some overtaking.

The first race got going and it lasted a lap for me. I was coming down the main straight when I lost all power. I made it around Redgate but there was no power and I pulled off. I think a wire had fallen off the coil. An easy repair so I was going to be out the next day. I had a forward and rear facing camera and with a bit of editing I got a neat but limited sequence of action.

The second race was 2 short races. This is what has cheesed me off about Vee. Lots of red flags. The first flag I missed and nearly went into the back of James Conyers. Then in the second part I spent too long behind James. He has a good engine and I don't so it took me a while to get past and time I got past the others had gone. It could have been a lonely race but if the group ahead started battling then I am sure I would have caught them and joined them. Anyway its all academic because someone crashed around the pit entrance and another red flag...

Results on 750MC website

This is a photo taken at my last race with my family. The person missing that helped the most is my trusty mechanic Ian who was the one taking the photo.