Next Race - ???

Friday, October 15, 2021

Retired from Vee

Yes I've sold the car (at the end of 2013). It had been sat in the garage for a year and it was time to sell it rather than letting it rust away. A racing car belongs on a track and not sat in a garage. It was a sad day to see it go but the next owner promised to be out next season with it. In 2014 I didn't see them out once....

It didn't take long to sell but then its all about timing. Just after the end of the season and very few Vees up for sale on RaceCarDirect all helped me to shift it in less than a month.

I sold it for £4K including the trailer. That's not bad when you consider the car cost me £5K back in 1999 and the trailer I bought new from Brain James for £1,300 in about 2006. I maybe could have got a little bit more but the car had been sat in a garage and needed an overhaul so I think it was a fair price.

This is a photo taken at my last race...Donnington 2012 with my family. The person missing that helped the most is my trusty mechanic Ian who was the one taking the photo.

Nice Photo at Brands (prob 2010) at Druids...I used this to advertise the car. A nice action photo is what stirs the emotions and gets the car sold !!!

Its now been a couple of years since I last raced. Would I go back to it ? I think I will. Would I go back to Vee ? Maybe,

BTW - after my fall my hip never recovered and after a year of it getting worse I decided to have a replacement. Ceramic and Titanium. Its so much better now. I walk with hardly any limp and no more pain and clicking from the hip. I wish I had it done 6 months earlier. This is what it looks like now...