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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Donnington Track Day

The next Formula Vee meeting is Donnington in a little over a weeks time. Rather than test my Vee around Donnington I decided to do a track day with BookaTrack and hire one of their Caterhams. Killing a few birds with a single stone.

1) My brother in law (and mechanic - Ian) gets to drive around - 2nd drivers are free
2) I get a practice of Donnington a couple of days before the meeting
3) I sample a Caterham
4) I sample a Trackday - bit wary about this one. I always find when racing driving around on my own it gets a little boring. And also without the racing element i.e. trying to overtake the car in front at all costs, battling for road space as opposed to the waving past of the car behind.

Going to be fun. Looking forward to it.

Tow Bar fitting

I had a towbar fitted today to my new car. One of those detachable ones. I was hoping (expecting) the cover I had bought to cover the hole in the bumper. It didn't. Or to be more precise it would but the towbar link part pertrudes about 1 cm.

Not too bad a job. If you buy a Leon Cupra and try to fit a tow bar then expect shoulder shrugging and many tow bar specialists not knowing if a towbar fits at all. It was a choice between this one (a Brink) or the Witter one (which Witter says wont fit but I found someone in Horsham who would fit one). I went for Brink because it was 50 quid cheaper and the bumper cover supplied by Seat would cover the hole. Ho hum. So its going to need some cutting down of the cover to cover up the hole on either side.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Opening Post

Move with the times.

Problem - I've a website which I dont update.
Solution - Use a Blog. And then put a link on Dowson Racing's title page to this blog. Then I keep the blog up to date (easy because I can do it anywhere, anyplace, anytime). Its convienent to post and not much messing around with HTML.