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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Donnington Track Day

The next Formula Vee meeting is Donnington in a little over a weeks time. Rather than test my Vee around Donnington I decided to do a track day with BookaTrack and hire one of their Caterhams. Killing a few birds with a single stone.

1) My brother in law (and mechanic - Ian) gets to drive around - 2nd drivers are free
2) I get a practice of Donnington a couple of days before the meeting
3) I sample a Caterham
4) I sample a Trackday - bit wary about this one. I always find when racing driving around on my own it gets a little boring. And also without the racing element i.e. trying to overtake the car in front at all costs, battling for road space as opposed to the waving past of the car behind.

Going to be fun. Looking forward to it.

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