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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tow Bar fitting

I had a towbar fitted today to my new car. One of those detachable ones. I was hoping (expecting) the cover I had bought to cover the hole in the bumper. It didn't. Or to be more precise it would but the towbar link part pertrudes about 1 cm.

Not too bad a job. If you buy a Leon Cupra and try to fit a tow bar then expect shoulder shrugging and many tow bar specialists not knowing if a towbar fits at all. It was a choice between this one (a Brink) or the Witter one (which Witter says wont fit but I found someone in Horsham who would fit one). I went for Brink because it was 50 quid cheaper and the bumper cover supplied by Seat would cover the hole. Ho hum. So its going to need some cutting down of the cover to cover up the hole on either side.

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