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Friday, April 15, 2011

Brands Hatch prep

I could do with making a fuel stick so we know when we've got 9 litres in the tank. 6 or 7 for the race and a couple left for the scrutineers if they feel like really testing Shell Optimax fuel is what it says on the can. Its nothing sophisticated... its just a stick with a mark on it that you dip into the tank via the fuel filter. If the mark is above the dipped wet petrol mark put in some more and if its over just leave it. Its not F1...its club racing.

The front suspension had a bit of surface rust. Rust and a racing car should never go together. Its an uphill battle trying to keep a vee clean when using an open trailer. So its out with the hammerite and a brush. I was looking at the results this morning - looking good. All that DIY....I joke...I've painted 3 rooms in my life...has improved my painting.

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