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Monday, April 11, 2011

Postive ex f1 drivers and Pirelli

I am liking the Coulthard and Brundle partnership. I liked Coulthard comments which highlighted the difference between a positive racing driver and a negative pundit (Ted Kravitz). When Button's engineer said that the maximum anyone had done on this Pirelli was 15 laps and he planned to do 18 laps - Coulthard read that as a challenge, Ted saw that has a message to slow down. I wonder how Button read it. I am not sure that seeing Pirellis disintegrate and drivers having to do 4 or 5 stops is good for the company's image. How many people are going to know they were asked by the teams to produce such a tyre. This looks like bad PR - watch our tyres fall apart 20 times a year in front of the biggest TV audience. I wonder if Pirelli said to the teams - how about screwing up one pit stop a race that they would comply or anything that makes them look bad. All this technology with opening wings and kers is not needed - isn't it so simple - just stick on big tyres and make the wings out of mesh so they look like they do now (which isn't exactly very pretty but at least there is some space for the sponsors logo) and reduce the downforce so you don't need to be a fighter pilot to follow. Also put some springs on the cars too but probably not as much as Petrov would have required to keep that on the ground. Revert them back to 1982 levels of downforce and sit back and enjoy.

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